Hi there! 

I am Inez Nina Aarts and I live in the most beautiful and inspiring city; Amsterdam.

More than four years ago I started sharing my creations on Instagram and after many positive reactions and nice projects, I founded Inez Nina Media in 2018.

A year later I was approached by Uitgeverij Malmberg, one of the largest educational publishers in the Netherlands, to make illustrations for various publications. Malmberg is known for their appealing, contemporary and unique style of illustrations, which is why it’s very cool to be a part of this.

I also decided to put my art online on Etsy. Here you can download the designs and print them yourself.

Feel free to take a look on my website, so you can see what I do and maybe contact me if you want a personalized design!

I hope you enjoy my website & shop, that it sparks your own creativity and most of all: it brings you happinez ✨

x Inez